I've had the car for about 11 years and it has gone from a project car when I bought it, to a daily driver for financial reasons, to what it is today...a weekend warrior. I still don't exactly know what it will turn out to be, but that will be years away, so I have time to decide. I bought it in 93 for $5600 from a guy in Queens, NY. It only had 15,000 miles on it and was very clean. I modified it as much as I could afford before I needed to use it for daily transportation and then its condition went down hill, fast.When I moved to VA in 97 I rented an apartment that had no parking, so I was forced to park on the side of a busy street. Well x-mas eve morning I awoke to a knock at the door at 6:00AM. I looked through the peephole to see a VB police officer and over his shoulder I can see the trunk of my car mangled and open. First thought THE NITROUS BOTTLE EXPLODED! When I went outside I found the bottle fine and a Chevy parked next to it in the trunk. I was devastated.
It went to a local body shop that started working on it; go figure the owner of the shop is a Mustang fan too. He and I became good friends and he took his time and my money to create what ya see today. We installed a 6Pt roll bar, replaced the interior, welded in the sub frames and got some Bling Bling rims and tires. The bodywork took some time as there were many minor imperfections that he had to iron out. When the choice of colors came up someone joked me about painting it tri-chromatic and I took it seriously and invested in the paint. It looks so sweet. Its been painted for close to 6 1/2 years and it still looks great. It just goes to show that sometimes you have to have a disaster to move forward.
Last years trip to the track was a traction dance, which was amusing but did not produce the kind of results I would like. Can't wait for to get to the track.

-Stock Ford Block
-Gt-40 Irons triple springs SS valves
-1.6 SVO Motorsport Rockers
-Edelbrock performer intake
-Pro-M 80MM MassAir
-42Lb Motorsport injectors
-Motorsport 9mmWires
-SVO E-303 Cam
-Double roller SVO timing chain
-SVO Radiator
-Kirban fuel pressure regulator
-255lph fuel pump

-BBK Long tube Headers
-BBK Off road pipe
-Flowmasters Three Chamber

Drive train:
-World class T-5
-Motorsport King Cobra Clutch
-Hurst shifter
-BBK Quad and cable
-SVO 3.73 gears
-8.8 Turbo coupe rear W/disks
-Motorsport drive shaft loop

-BBK lowering springs W/PST isolators
-KYB shocks & struts
-6Pt roll bar
-Sub frame connectors
-Granatelli upper & lower control arms
-Relocated Battery w/remote switch

-88 Turbo Coupe rear with factory Disk brakes
-Russel braded brake lines
-Steeda SS front bushings
-73MM Lincoln Calipers in front
-96 GT Master cylinder
-Wilwood portioning valve
-Synthetic DOT 4 fluid
-Performance friction pads

-MSD timing control dash mounted
-MSD BTM dash mounted adjustable
-MSD Coil
-Viper alarm

-98 GT Seats
-Auto Meter Gauges oil pres, temp, boost, electronic fuel pressure
-700 watt system with 10 speakers including 2, 10" Orion TKR3's

Power Adders:
-N2O Works adjustable system w/ remote bottle switch
-Vortech showing 8-10lbs boost
-Power pipe

-PPG Harlequin paint tri-chromatic changes from Green to Purple
-Cobra R 17x9
-255-40-17 Front
-245-45-17 Nitto Drag Radials